The Science Of Working

Everyone on this earth is working when its about to eat. Well, that is simple. We have to do it in order to eat. Again, this is the very basic simple and easy understanding that we save in our head.

If we’re not working, we’re not to eat.

As we already know, we can working in the office as an employee or working as a freelance at the home or wherever it is, working on the project that we like. And many kind of type of jobs that we can named it. As long as we work.

But the problem is no matter we like it or not, we have to do it when its about to eat. Well, the keyword here is to EAT. To satisfy the basic human needs. Or to satisfy other basic human need, not only eat. We have any basic human needs that is we need to get dress and we should have the place that we living for, right?

Very simple.

One law we have to know now here is we have to work. No excuses that we can’t have when its about to eat. Well, human who living on this earth should apply this law. They have to obey this law.

But, it’s our choice to choose where we working for. Since i graduated from the college, well, i choose that i want to be writer. Well, confusing on how, can i get to eat if i’m doing this kind of type of job? Very simple. And so on and on and on. I believe this kind of job give me money and the more important than is happiness.

Happiness needs efforts. Well, that’s in my head. And my mom always to say is love your job no matter what your job it is. And now, i’m trying. I’m trying to give my all to love what writer is.

Now, what i’m doing is something that i love. I like the project that i’m wroking out now. The reason is very simple. I love to create this ebook because the product is that i want, to support my working or job as a writer.

Being persistent is not easy. That happens to this writer. I have consistently true with what i’m doing.

Creating is working. Creating something makes me happy. Creating something makes me proud to myself that this is kind of job that i love.

I kind of lazy person who hates to work because I need to choose what i like first in order to pick what i’m doing in the next.

As my mom said, the job you working now is must be something that you love. And you have to do with heart even if you don’t like it. You have to do it with persistently each day even if you don’t do it.

If you ask me what is type of working or job, well, i’ll answer it as a free, creative, words, imagination, wild and happy.

What is the type of your job or working?

What makes us happy? What kind of the job we make happy?

Hey, Happy New Year 2016!

There’s always a question for every new year. And every one of us will ask each other, that is, what is your resolution of this year in this 2016?

I think i’m enough of it. Why do i say so? Because every time i mentioned my resolutions, it didn’t happen as i imagined before. And it didn’t happen as i’ve planned before.

Well, it’s true. Every one of us felt that way. As we plan the things that plan this year, what would happen was nothing.

We didn’t get anywhere. And that was happen to me. I’m better doing at procrastinate, my plan is just nothing, and i didn’t accomplish anything, my ebook wasn’t finish in 2015. And i was like nothing.

I’m a such person who doesn’t have any goals in life that i want to accomplish. And i think i should take care of it. I should doing better at that way.

Well, i think it shouldn’t be that hard. Making a new year’s resolution should it be that hard. I want it less. I want it precise and i want to accomplish. What the wrong was i want every thing. I have many goals in bucket list. And that’s so wrong and i did it wrong in so many ways.

And i don’t want to do it again this year. What i want to do this year is less. Being settle down with incharge income and create some residual income through Internet.

Yes, i’m creating ebooks and that is in my mind. I want it less and i want to accomplish it. I’ll working on it as i’m creating as i’m creating and making an art. That’s what i’m doing the year.

Having so many plan to do is just ruin my resolution years. And what would happen to my resolution year gets it blurry in the end.

2015 was a wonderful year. In the end of 2015, i learn a lot about trust and honesty. I learn about words that can be hold. There’s only me that can taking care of myself as a human. There’s only me that i can trust myself. And i should pay attention to this. There’s only me that i can count to myself that i can do this and that.

And there’s so many thing that i can do as i’m doing many thing in this year. I plan and i’m doing what i know. I don’t want overthink too much about what people will say. And it’s clear that these are something good to do.

What is important now is my happiness. I’m happy with all i am and i want to do it again and again. Money will come if i’m happy. Healthy will come if i’m happy inside my head. And love? Well, let’s see in this year. I’m waiting again to this year. I’m so much hoping to this.

When enough is enough i think that’s gonna be enough though.

I’ll do it with less. I just have a few resolution to make it real. And it should. I want it good.

So, what is your resolution for this year? A wise man said less always more. Be in that way, everyone…

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