Begin With The Right Direction

I’m stress now. This is what happened to me recently.

And I feel like I can’t write again. Well, I feel like underpressure when I’m doing it. This is something good and the other side this brings me some correction. The feedback of before doing something that I love.

Well, this project of writing makes me feel like I want to give up. It hurts somewhere but it gets me excited because I want to give the best of me. I want to make it perfect but the tunnel is wrong. I just vbegin it with wrong. I need to change it now.

I love to make it perfect and I feel like everything seems difficult. Well, I should find another formula when creating something.

Now I realize that’s only the wrong direction and that’s what I’m starting now. I feel I should change it now. But, how?

It should doing something. And well, the probably thing that I remember. The changing is in the action that we can do it. Well, we have to move ourself regarding the change that we want to. Well, that’s supposed to be happen in me.

Now, i realize it that.  I have to start from the something new. The right direction before I begin my task of writing. Well, this is something good I would like to start it.

What are they? This is what I can do before I write my task. Well, it’s no doubt this works everyday.

Here are how I make it through beginning from the right direction:

  1. What make me happy?
    Yes, that’s the first thing first question before I begin to writer. It makes me realize that what should I do for. It doesn’t mean that I should have the mood first then I write. Well, it wrong. The ideas come randomly. And it comes in a word and we make it in a great sentence. Anything could happen. I focus thing on what matters. I focus to the positive words that make me positive. And I can control with what I can. I focus to what makes me happy now. What makes me instantly happy? I want to focus on that’s question.
  1. I begin it with simple
    Simple is simple. There’s no other word define that definition to make another definition of it. Don’t complicate another thing with another overthinking me. Just do what I can do. Just write what I can write. Just research when I feel my writing is not sharp. I make sure everthing in its place. And with the simple tactics and tricks I think I can make a better works. Well, this is something that I have to do. Simple means easy. Everyone I can do. I would like to create simple technique and make it great by myself. And It feels like I can do this. Easy is mean we can do this.
  1. With less, the impact is more
    Well, I just write what comes to my mind. And I catch it everything. A word that can contruct a great sentence. Whatever it is as long as it’s work to my mind. Well, I’ll do it. I’ll do it whatever I can. And when it happens, sometimes this technique is work. I just did type with a little, and on progressing, and I just typing. I just typing what I can do. And well I never forget what I meant. You know that, with the few thing that I want to do.
  1. I begin with the ideas
    Sometimes, I begin with the one small idea and I can develop that ideas into something that I want. I’ll create with no technique. I mean with no technique I just write it with the small idea. Small become big if we want to work on it. Many unpredictable thing could happen in life. I just decrease the possibility of uncertainthing with do a lot of thing. And just look up the
  1. Less perfect
    There’s no beginning if I do it with perfect. And then what I can do is just type it wrong and I’ll make it perfect later with the rewrite and edit. That’s a must. Less perfect means you are a human. You have to do something. You got move yourself into somewhere. Push and pull yourself to create something. It begins with the less perfect. Well, I want to tell you: if you started with perfect in your mind, you can’t do something. You can’t create anything that your mind. It’s a matter of beginning in your mind.
  1. Slow it down
    Well, I begin it with the slow mode of writing something now. I type it because I want to show that every word that I type is never missed. I just want to feell the experience of writing again. The headache, the demand of creating thing good and everything makes me better person. Well, I just going through what I can do with the slow mode.

That’s all I can summed it up to begin the right direction from the point of my thinking and views. It supposed something that simple. I think everyone wants to be that easy. Easy means that everyone can do it because that’s easy. Who doesn’t can do it? Yeah, you are right.

We tend to do everything that easy. It starts from our mind. When it’s done, well the unconscious mind begins to started it. It pulls something that we usually called it good thing. Good seed to doing something. And again we start it with less. And we do it in repeat mode.

Well, how about you? Are you in in the right direction when you doing something? Or maybe you are in the real right direction. You confuse. You lost at somewhere. And you don’t know what to do. And it makes you don’t have passion again with what you do.

Well, you can write in the comments section below.

Everyone can do it. I conclude this: everything begins in our mind. When its happy, well your words to the that blank screen flow like water.

Try it.  

My Personal Secret Of How I Write Everyday

I’m not the expert of write.

Yet, I feel I’m still not okay especially when I write it with the grammar things. But, for me, it’s important being wrong and I write it by myself than I copy paste writing of another writer. Because I feel confidence when I do it wrong.

And it feels like I can do this. And I want to do it again and again. Still, feel I’m not okay what I’ve been written here. But, I will do it again more and more. I don’t care with what people saying with the grammar.

I’m just a beginner writer who believes myself I can do this better and better again if I do this persistently and consistently. Who knows?

I will fix it, dude. Don’t worry. I’ll be one of your favorite competitor in your field. *no mention* Haha.

I used to be a rebel when somebody say something that I can’t become somebody too. Well, that’s the fact about me. When somebody says that I can’t do it, it’s like there’s devil inside my body shows that I can do this.

Well, I’ll do it. I think I can do it because I have a brain that I can use it to achieve my goal. I’ll maximize it till I get. And I find the right strategy that I can do.

But, I’ll write with from what I know. I starting from there.

I write this form according to what I’m doing everyday. This what I do recently. This is just an amateur secret. Here’s my secret of writing

  1. Less
    The beginning of writing this blog, I started with less. Even if I started with less, the thing is my head is heavy. At first, it’s like my head so heavy. I can’t feel my head because of it. But, I read Leo Babauta’s book. It called ‘The Power Of Less”, well this book is great. I think everyone should read it because it works in me. It works when I apply every word in here. Well, you can started it with less. Type anything that with a little and a little. Make this less thing becomes a habit, you’ll get somewhere in everything you want.
  1. Being wrong
    This is my favorite part. And often I feel like that I can do. Being wrong much often makes you know what you to do to make your craft is right. It’s better you do it wrong than you doing nothing and waiting for something good. Well, waiting something good never comes when you waiting. You need to move your fingers more often and push you brain thinking about something. And write anything silly and random things about you. Of course, write it with something tha point of view that people like. Please, don’t self centered writing, I mean, please don’t write about yourself always, people will bored. Write something useful from your point of view. Well, this is my thought. You can do it better with wrong. And don’t let being wrong becomes your habit. Well, of course you can make it right.
  1. Quantity shapes quality
    I believe on this line that, quality shapes the quantity. Everything that I can do here will bring me somewhere that I would like to do. The key of to going somewhere is going something that ‘muuuuch’. Well, I just believe with what I do now. I can take of this, with the possibility that I can do. Well, too much is good in here. And I think it’s the right thing that we can do this. There’s nothing can do when you do this much more often. You’ll get somewhere.
  1. Write 1,000 words per day
    No compromise with this, I’ll type anything that I can do. Well, it works for me when I do this. I’ll finish about one theme about anything that I can do. I’ll pick it random thing, silly or whatever. I’ll write as fast as I can, well, you knew everything that I can do. I’ll type anything as fast as I can from what I know. And what I know is make it available in my hard drive and well, you have to become something that you really want.
  1. Read a lot
    This is not a secret weapon. And I think every writer should do this. Read a lot when you stuck on writing something. This is something good you can do because this is like a foreplay for anyone who wants to be a good writer. I read a lot now, especially when it’s about read the course of writing that I would like to focus on. Well, I correct myself that I much very often that I can do this.I’m not focus learn on something. I have to many books so that I can’t focus on where to read. It’s abundant, and I don’t which one of course that I would like to read and learn. Well, this is true, when you’re not focus on something that you want to learn, you’ll going nowhere. And well, you expect to much with having this. When enough is enough, well, you have to focus on one course that probability makes you become a beginner pro copywriter. And I’ll focus on this copywriting.
  1. Read grammar books now
    English is not my mother’s language. It’s okay that I’m wrong now. Just because it’s not my mother’s language, it doesn’t mean that I can’t learn the grammar things. Well, I can show you a diamond from my fingers and my mouth. It feels like I want to do it over and over. Well, now, it’s no excuse again for me when it’s about the good thing for me. And I would like to do it in order to make it great. This is something good that easy to start it. My English is bad. Because it’s bad, it doesn’t mean that I can make it right. I would love to make doing. I’m a competitive person if you bully me. Hahha

If you think of me have secrets of writing, you’re totally wrong. I have no secrets at all. All I think now is writer’s write. So I write. I write when I’m not in the mood, I write when I’m happy and I write when I’m sad.

It could be anything.

Well, those of the thing that make me a better a a writer or a blogger or a copywriter or whatever. I’ll write from what I know. And I would like to begin from there.

Maybe these of the thing that I can show for you. Perhaps, these are the good things that you can use it for yourself. Well, you got yourself to trying. And do all these patterns for me. And what I can do this is there.

Do you have secrets to make you better a writer?

Write it down, dudes.

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