If you need a salesletter, then maybe you have to watch this out…

“Here’s How You Can Increase The Volume Of Sales Of Your Product Or Service Using My Packet Of Copy”

Dear Small Business Owner,

            juriHi… My name is Juri Saragih. I’m copywriter for hire. If you need a salesletter for immediately reason for your small business purpose, you are at the right place and the right time.

Here’s why:

            For all these six months, I’ve been honing my copywriting skill. I wrote some blog posting as you can see it here. I call this as a part of practicing in increasing my skill in copywriting. I’m practicing more and more everyday to get better at it. In short, I put my myself into rabbit hole getting to know everything about copywriting.

Why Makes Me Think My Packet Of Service Is Different

            As a person that begin career in copywriting, I’ve read a lot about the copywriting book. Not only read the book, but I also practicing writing some contents here. I knew what the copywriting books that important too read. I make it less to read so I knew how to increasing the copywriting skill.

            I knew the basic thing on how to creating a saleletter. I knew where it to begin and I knew how to ending the salesletter. I’ve created some secret recipe that I got to boost your salesletter even if I’m not to come the journalism or communication studies. I have passion on this.

            I’ve created the simple strategy to make your salesletter different than other so that’s why I came to this copywriting jungle. I creating gigs from simple thing. In shorts, I simplify the complicated things. And that’s the way I understand how to creating a salesletter.

The Money Is In The Hand Of Copywriter That Trained Well

Well, everyone of us knows that the fact is that when we skilled at something, the thing that we wanted to create becomes effortless. Not only know, I practicing. I practicing day and night to hone my copywriting skill by writing this blog.

The truth is I practicing with all these random things that happened in my life. I was learn about which one is the weakness of myself and strong. I become more knowing myself through writing.

Since now, with everything that I have I can control what I want to create. What I want to create is making your copy awesome with the knowledge that I have. With the skill that I’ve been hone is that you can practically use easy.

So, when you use my service, here’s what I do to your salesletter:

  • 21 patterns that make your products or services look better in your prospect. Guess what? This is the simplest way to make your product interesting to your prospect
  • A secret technique that makes your salesletter flawless. This is legacy technique from my mom’s family
  • A stealth secret of every veteran copywriter uses. This technique is never realized when we used. This technique used by Seth Godin, my favorite copywriter
  • A secret technique makes your salesletter easy to read by your prospect
  • My secret recipe of creating a quality salesletter. This recipe makes the process of making a quality salesletter easier from the beginning and the ending of salesletter
  • 10 pages of everything. This thing is very important to reveal you story of product or service
  • A secret technique that makes your salesletter feels alive. This technique makes your salesletter breath and feels alive. This is important because did this shows the emotion
  • The technique selling that every copywriter uses to make your sales message looks genuine
  • The technique that I use to get every projects of writing getting done
  • One technique that makes ideas available. This is actually important
  • One magic word that makes your salesletter looks amazing
  • A ‘separate’ way that makes your product or service looks persuasive to your prospect

I Only Work Two Clients For  A Month

          Well, quality to me is very important. And when I’m write i want make everything less. I just do a few thing to make it powerful. And as your order my packet of copy. I will give you my time. How can buy the time? No one. That’s why the quality of creating your salesletter is important.

            I don’t care about the quantity. I only concentrate to the things that make your salesletter becomes great. That’s I watch it now. I put myself get to know everything about your product. I increase your conversion of your web. That’s my job, exactly!

            If any job that I can do, I can only two projects per client if not I’m okay with the busyness on creating more quality to my blog. I’ll do that because I love to increasing my skill In writing or copywring. That’s what I’m gonna do. That’s exactly I’m gonna do to your web salesletter.

Give Me Seven Day Of Your Time, I’ll Make Your Saleletter Stronger

           This can be simple, in order to creating your salesletter I need time. I need time to make your salesletter demanding for your market. And what I need is seven days of your time. I need to research about your product. I need your time to put myself into rabbithole.

           I put myself into difficulties that become your benefit. Here’s what I do to your salesletter: I’ll get to know everything about your market. Awhile I put myself in this rabbithole, you can do anything else about your business. You can take it easy by yourself. That’s how I came to this copywriting world.

Being Remarkable Is That You Want

Everyone one of us wants to be that way. I want to be remarkable in this copywriting world as same as  your business being remarkable through my skill in writing. It could be happen when we are working together and understand each other. Nothing’s else. The truth is  when you achieve your goal in your business using my packet of copy, I achieve my goal as a remarkable copywriter in this copywriting world, too.

How does it sound? I think you’re agree with this.

You being honest about what you want to me. Yeah, we are about being open to each other. Well, this is like making a good relationship with you and me. Without trust, it can be nothing. Without trust, we doesn’t trust anything.

We want to be trusted. At here, being trust by you is that my intangible asset. If you don’t trust me, well, I think we can’t be working together. We can’t be into this relationship of business.

Here’s How You Can Order My Service

           Just fill in the blank everything about your product. Write everything about your product or service in order to get to know about your product. And I will analyze.

           Furthermore, I need to know everything about you, about your product. Make it clear and precise when you fill the blank form in the below. So that, I can work on your project.

Well, I repeated again, I want to know everything about you, about your product, to make this project of your salesletter works. I don’t missed anything about it. So, I make clear in this line to make you understanding about my passion to make your more success. Simple short line, you win and I win, too. That’s it.


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P.S. I believe I can make your salesletter good, not only good I will make it different with the knowledge that I’ve been craved and shaped it so far this long.. I got the passion in here, about making your salesletter good and make mys

P.S.S. You expect something good here as same as with me expect some experience through writing your ad. The law is you become great in your competitor and me become great in my career. This gonna be as simple as this. If this not work, I’m available for rewrite your ad or copy. That’s my guarantee for you. Don’t hesisate to contact me on my skype: jurisaragih

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