The Cure Of Impossibility

You know that having the state of impossiblity sometimes makes me saying a lot of ‘nos’ instead of ‘yeses’. In another words, i get more confusing when i think about something that i want to achieve or i want to reach. I get more depressed when i look at myself and think: can i achieve this? Can i? CAN I? CAN I? Huh.

And, many questions more to come to sabotaging myself. And, i make myself more in drama more. And, it only make myself more exhausted. And, i don’t want to do this again. That’s ewww and not awesome, i think.

The reason that i’m write about this is that i want to know about me more. What do i want exactly? And, It’s like mapping myself: which where i’m strong and which where i’m weak. And, i should understand what to do in order to cure the state of impossibility that i want to demolish. It’s like wrong side inside of me. It sounds exaggerate, isn’t it?

To know more about the impossibility, it becomes more easy if we can define what the meaning of it.

Then, the question now is that what is the impossibility means? To me, the impossibility means that there’s the things we want to achieve, in order to achieve it our efforts is not equal with the goal that we want to achieve. It’s like something that actually real in front of us that we can see but the fact is that we can see it as obscure thing.

That’s it.

If i can analogy it is it’s like there’s a dot between two lines. And, that two lines couldn’t meet in that dot. It’s like something that very complicated. There’s no demand and supply. What am i talking? Hahaha.

It’s something that we can see it obscure. Yeah, sometimes. And, it’s something that we can see it real. Sometimes. I want to achieve this and i want to achieve that. And , it only makes me more confusing and exhausted when i didn’t get what i want. I just want make it more simple and easy to understand by writing this.

So, here’s what i do to cure the state of impossibility:

For example, in a way that i want to become a copywriter. I mean, a world class copywriter. That sounds impossible, for me, now. Hahahha. Too exaggerate. Huh. Enough. Well, the efforts that i should have to do are actually simple.

It’s only write and read.

I think that’s enough already. But, i have to explain this in detail way so that i can understand more what to do next. What i have to do are i learn from the copywriter that already succeed. I taking their courses, it could be ebooks, audios, videos, their blog. Yes, their blog, i’m stalker. What else? I think it’s enough.

And, i read their courses in repetition. I repeat more and more if i can’t understand the lessons in their course. Actually, there’s ‘magic’ in repetition. In short, i repeat it all over until understand what the course is.

And, i write more too. Well, actually this blog is as media for me to write more. A media that says what i want exactly. A media that tells the world: this is me I’m Juri Saragih. A media that makes me an expert especially workind as a copywriter.

And, in journey that make my dream (that impossible) comes true: it takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of practicing more and more. And, also it takes a lot failures and also succeeds. And it takes more confusing, and exhausted and many more. You named it.

I can do it faster if this becomes a habit. I can type more faster if myself taking this as a usual routine. And, it becomes easy f we practicing it more and more.

This is perfect combination that i have to realise it early in a way from the beginning my time that i want become a copywriter. There’s no shortcut way to be work as an expert. I feel like i step ahead write about this. And i want the world knows it. :)

In a short, i can conclude: repetition cures the impossibility.

Now, there’s no word ‘impossibility’ for me. :)

I Forgive

There was time when i think about what happened in the past, i hate myself. And i hate it more when i’m remember what i didn’t achieved what i want in the past. And it becomes scars, all of those scars i want to erase by writing it in here, in this blog

Well, what i’m thinking now is that something happened in the past can affects what happen in the now. Yes, many things. I don’t feel okay about myself with what i’m feeling when i remember it. Lack of self confidence. And so many on and on.

Yeah, it’s like attract something because another thing that happened in the past. Past, that i don’t want is bad things. And these bad things should be the end.

All i know that past is past. And past is the only part of my life that i should learn from it because it’s important.

It’s already gone and i couldn’t turning back the time.

All i can do is doing something good in the now. Write and read.

And what i do now is I decide myself to forgive what happened in the past.

Here’s what i do:

I forgive for to the weakness that i have so that i could focus on where i’m strong. And, all i have to do is knowing more about me. Which part that where i’m strong. Which part where i’m weak.

I forgive for the mistakes that happened in the past so that i have to make the right thinking to before the right decision. I thinking more and more again when i decide.

I forgive for the incapability that i have so that i know what is the meaning of capability. Capability is focus, dicipline about the time, and don’t procrastinate when something good exists.

I forgive to wrong choice that i picked in the past so that i can really really know what should i know that we are live mean to be happy.

I forgive to the failures that happened in the past so that i understand to make myself succeed is that i have to understand the failures are the part of succeed. And, i learn more and more about it.

Many goods things to come when i can learn from what happen in the past. What i do now is I only think about what good memories that i had in the past, what good achievement that i had in the past happened so i can attract more good things in the now.

That’s it.

I forgive to learn. That past is good.

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