From The Dark To Find The Light

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Well, this morning, I took one picture randomly. And I posted in Instagram, you can see that in my Instagram. I posted that picture. And what I got was only the dark picture with nothing’s else in it. And I think this picture shows me something.

This picture is like a ‘map’ for me.

How could I said that? Well, I do what I like. And I write when things happened randomly in my life. And sometimes I’m weird. And I’m nerd

What do you say?

And it’s simple thing yet teaches me a lot.

What is it?

What I’m feeling now is that I feel like I really in that dark picture. I’m nothing. I’m lost. I’m nowhere. I’m confuse. I’m whatever. I’m in the bad side of life now. That’s where I am. What I mean here is that on becoming a copywriter. Do you know what I mean?

And I think there’s always the positive side when bad things happen in my life. I called this as unlucky situation. I admitted it.

And also, I think there’s always the good thing even if it in the dark place.

The good thing is I know where I am now. And it makes more knowing about myself. It’s that simple as that.

And also, I know where to go now.

Now, what I mean by that sentence above is that I know exactly what to do each day. I set up some schedules to do . And I have to obey with that schedule that I determined before.

This simple schedule is to find the light. To see the light that I want to see. It’s simple, isn’t it? Well, I never thought that doing something silly becomes a lesson of life.

The light is there. It’s exist thing. And it’s certain thing. It’s obvious thing. And I believe I can find the light as long as I move from that dark place into the abundant place with the light.

I move. I fail. I fall down. I lost again. And I move again. I desperate. I exhausted. I take a rest. I started it again. I begin. I’m cool. I’m nerd. I’m weird. Whatever

Well, that’s the cycle to find the light. That’s ‘my picture of dark’ to the the light that I never seen. But, I believe I can because it’s there.

I know where I’m going. I know what to do. Fight until find that light.

Thanks to that picture of dark.